Investment opportunities for tech startups looking to expand

It’s hard to keep up with the advancements in technology these days, and this is reflected in the industry. While just ten years ago the most successful tech companies were almost all investing their cash in social networks and communication tools, now it’s not even easy to even define what the term ‘technology’ specifically refers to.

New areas ripe for investment are popping up almost weekly and it’s important as a growing tech startup that you stay ahead of the game. We’ve explored the ten most popular investment opportunities for tech startups so you can decide how to steer your company as it bids for a place at the forefront of development and success.


The on-demand sector is a broad one, but it’s rapidly setting itself apart from other areas of technology as consumers increasingly demand instant access to more products and services. While on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime may have been at the forefront of this growing sector, it has now developed to include transportation services such as Uber and food delivery firms including Deliveroo.


E-commerce is not a surprising addition to this list, with firms including Amazon leading the way. Today, it’s almost impossible to run a product-based B2C company without providing consumers with access to e-commerce, with everything from clothing firms to DIY companies sometimes delivering items within a matter of hours thanks to developments in this area.


Financial technology, or fintech, is definitely a growing area that has taken hold in a time of economic uncertainty. While politics around the world seems to be turbulent at best, many people are turning to modern technology to manage accounts, pay staff, save for the future and even pay for items on the high street.


While it may feel like the internet is now well established, there are still many investment opportunities. Most notably, the rapid development of the internet of things, which is now considered a necessity to most businesses and households around the world. In fact, it is increasingly changing the way we live our lives, to the point where many are now able to restock their fridge without even having to make an order.

Big data

Big data is a term that refers to huge amounts of data that can be analysed and used by companies to gain insight into their customers and subsequently enhance their success. Big data is becoming an increasingly popular investment opportunity as companies seek to deliver a more personalised service to their customers and so build a more lasting relationship.


While the early days of social media were dominated by just one or two platforms, this particular area of technology has now arguably entered a second phase of development. Today, internet users can choose from a huge number of social platforms to find one that matches their particular needs or wants. As a result of this success, investment should be considered both in the form of investment in particular platforms and investment in building an infallible social brand.


As always, media continues to be an important investment opportunity for tech startups. Emerging areas in this sector include software publishing, digital advertising, online media, TV and film, and gaming. As many of these individual sectors transform in their own way, technology will be forced to keep up with the pace, providing a great opportunity for investment for tech startups.


Electronics may be one of the oldest technology sectors, but it continues to grow and develop week by week. From televisions and game consoles to mobile phones, audio systems, and even coffee machines, electronics remain at the hub of our home. And as the internet of things develops simultaneously, electronics also need to keep up with this change in expectation from consumers.


Cybersecurity is a particularly important area within which many companies are now investing, but for tech startups, this could prove to be a particularly significant investment. As firms around the globe become reliant on fast, internet-based communications, companies are increasingly at risk from cyber-attacks and hacking. This renders cybersecurity important for arguably every company that values the security of its data.


It’s not surprising that the development of technology, in general, has leaked into the classroom, these days educational technology - or edtech - is big business. Much of the investment in this area appears to be focused on software and app technology. However, investment in educational electronics such as digital whiteboards and virtual reality is also a significant priority for schools looking to harness the power of modern technology (and its attraction to the younger generation) to increase status and boost results.

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