Winding-up petitions

If you are looking for a quick and simple way of finding a business in financial difficulties and that has the potential to be turned around then this is a very good place to start. The companies below have just had winding-up petitions issued against them.

A winding-up petition is a legal document that is submitted by the party or parties wishing to liquidate the company. These parties may be the directors of the company themselves, or a third party such as a creditor.

A petition is issued prior to a pre-arranged court date. So a notice of petition is a vital window of opportunity.p
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Date Published Industry (sic section) County Assets
19/07/2018 Construction N/A -
19/07/2018 Real Estate Activities N/A -
19/07/2018 Manufacturing N/A £1,716,081
18/07/2018 Financial And Insurance Activities N/A -
18/07/2018 Professional, Scientific And Technical Activities N/A -
18/07/2018 Construction N/A -
18/07/2018 Human Health And Social Work Activities South Yorkshire £1,140
18/07/2018 Other Service Activities Cleveland £144,182
18/07/2018 Other Service Activities N/A -
17/07/2018 Transportation And Storage N/A -
17/07/2018 Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management And Remediation Activities N/A -
17/07/2018 Professional, Scientific And Technical Activities West Sussex -
17/07/2018 Information And Communication N/A -
17/07/2018 Wholesale And Retail Trade Including Repair Of Motor Vehicles West Lothian £22,709
17/07/2018 Construction N/A -
16/07/2018 Construction Greater Manchester -
16/07/2018 Construction Essex -
16/07/2018 Construction N/A £9,015
16/07/2018 Administrative And Support Service Activities West Yorkshire £28,605
16/07/2018 Administrative And Support Service Activities N/A £6,276

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