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Contact business sellers directly

Access the direct contact details for all businesses listed for sale with a turnover in excess of £300,000. View smaller businesses for sale here.

View businesses for sale

View thousands of UK businesses for sale listed here by private owners, intermediaries, brokers and accountants all in one place, saving you time and ensuring you don’t miss out on potential opportunities.

Save businesses & searches

As a member you can save individual businesses or searches to your account so you can come back to them anytime.

Latest companies in administration

View all UK companies that enter into administration in real time, along with contact details of the insolvency practitioners and the company’s latest financial information.

Latest businesses in liquidation

View all UK companies that enter into liquidation in real time, along with contact details of the insolvency practitioners and the company’s latest financial information.

Latest winding-up petitions

View businesses that have had a winding-up petition lodged against them.

Daily email alerts

Receive customisable daily email alerts for the latest businesses for sale, companies in administration, liquidation and winding up petitions, keeping you up to date anytime, anywhere.

Create Business Wanted Advert

Advertise your acquisition requirements to business sellers and intermediaries across the UK via our business wanted section.

Receive our Business Sale Report publication

Published monthly, the Business Sale Report contains the current month's businesses for sale, along with informative articles on mergers & acquisitions.

List your businesses for sale

You can list businesses for sale with us for free - no hidden charges or commission to pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Business Sale Report?

Business Sale Report is the UK’s leading independent business for sale & distressed business listing service. We provide our members with online & printed listings of businesses for sale in the UK, with turnovers in excess of £300,000. We also provide online listings for all UK businesses in administration, liquidation & with winding up petitions against them.

For smaller businesses for sale with a turnover of under £300,000 please see our sister site BizSale.co.uk

What further details will I be able to see when I join?

Members can see full business for sale listings, which include the direct contact details for the seller or their intermediary. Sellers often provide additional information on businesses for sale that is only available to members.

Members also have access to full distressed business listings (administrations, liquidations and winding up petitions). These listings include the company name, number and registered office as well as the contact details for the appointed insolvency practitioner and financial information where available.

When will I receive the access to more information?

Immediately. When you join you will be sent a username and password by email, and once logged in you’ll have access to the members' section of the website. If you search for businesses whilst logged in you will be able to see the full listings.

I am used to finding information for free so why should I become a member?

The Business Sale Report is a unique online listings service. We save our members hundreds of hours of research as they can view a comprehensive overview of the business for sale and distressed business market all in one place. Members receive daily email alerts with the latest opportunities, enabling them to contact sellers & insolvency practitioners as new opportunities go onto the market.

We receive business for sale listings from thousands of business owners as well as brokers, including small niche brokers, corporate finance boutiques, accounts and insolvency practitioners resulting in coverage of a broad range of businesses from thousands of sources. Some of these sources list their company sale opportunities exclusively with us as we don’t charge any extra fees or commission to sell businesses through our site.

How much does it cost to sell my business via the Business Sale Report?

Members can list an unlimited number of businesses for sale for free. Simply log into your account and click ‘List a business’.

There are no hidden costs or fees to sell your business through Business Sale Report. We do not take any commission from the sale of your business. You can even list your first business for free for 30 days here.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, with a monthly membership, you can cancel at any time. With 6 or 12 month memberships you can opt out at the end of your plan.

To cancel your membership login to your account and got to the cancel membership section or contact us by email [email protected] or call 020 8875 0200

I am only interested in one business - how can I get the details?

To access full details of any business listed on our website you will need to become a member. We list hundreds of businesses every month, and if you’ve seen one business of interest there will be similar opportunities on our site that also fit your search criteria. If you’ve already seen a good opportunity, why not try our monthly membership for only £29.95?

When looking to buy a business, it is important not to become too focused on one ‘perfect’ opportunity. Most buyers realise that they will have to look at multiple opportunities before settling on the right one.