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BSR Deal Insight Series

Chelsea Corporate: Ran Carmon

Acquisitions, Business Valuations and Brexit.

Deal Insight Series Highlights

The right approach to valuing a business.

One big mistake to avoid making when valuing a business.

Startup vs long-established company

Learn about the difference between acquiring a startup and a long-established business.

M&A market and Brexit

What affect has Brexit had on the M&A market?

What was the first business that you bought?

Find out about growing a business through acquisition.

What was your most successful acquisition?

We talk to Jonathan Jay about his most successful acquisition.

What is the biggest mistake a business buyer can make?

One of the biggest mistakes business buyers make.

What advisors do you need when buying a business

Learn who you need on your deal team

Buying a business with the sale in mind

Find out more about acquiring with an exit strategy in mind

How do you value a potential acquisition?

We talk about ways to value an acquisition.

The most challenging aspect of selling a business

One of the biggest challenges for sellers revealed.

When is the right time to sell a business?

Find out when to sell your business to get the most from the sale.

What advice would you give to someone selling their first business?

Listen to advice for someone selling a business for the first time.

Buying a business out of administration

Find out more about buying a business out of administration

How do you find out about distressed business opportunities?

We talk about where to find distressed opportunities.

When buying a distressed business, how do you weigh up the risks?

We discuss how to weigh up the risks when buying distressed businesses.

What is the most challenging aspect of buying a distressed business?

We discuss the challenging aspects of buying a distressed business.

What price should business buyers open with?

Find out what price business buyers should opening with.

Distressed businesses - What you need to know about them

Find out what's involved when valuing and selling a distressed business.