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Buying a Business: completing the deal


Buying a business is a lengthy and complicated process. You've identified the right business, approached the seller, researched the company and finally your offer is on the table. However there is still a lot of work to be do...continue reading

Private equity investment for small and medium sized companies


There has been something of an outcry in the media of late over the booming private equity industry. There is a growing perception that these companies are buying businesses, borrowing large amounts of cash at low interest rates, ...continue reading

Budget 2007: budget for business?


Many small to medium sized businesses around the UK are more than a bit miffed about the March 2007 budget. They are simply going to have less after-tax income after April 2009, as the small firm tax rate increases to 22%. Take a...continue reading

Buying a business: avoiding the ten main deal-breakers


We outline ten situations that most commonly cause deals to fail, and how to avoid them: 1. The buyer and/or the seller are not serious about the deal This is not always easy to spot early on, although if you have retained a bu...continue reading

Post merger integration: company culture


When making an acquisition, a company can typically expect to gain access to markets, brands, technology, products and people. It is therefore surprising that the 'people' element is often given so little consideration c...continue reading

Raising finance for acquisition


Smart business purchasers will usually try to leverage their acquisition as the first priority. In other words they will try and acquire the majority, controlling share in the company by paying as little as possible from their own...continue reading

UK Companies Entering Administration Reaches Highest Level For 10 Years


The latest corporate insolvency figures from credit agency Experian show that the number of UK companies entering administration has reached its highest level since the firm began monitoring it in 1997. Furthermore, insolvency pr...continue reading

Internal Rate of Return and the Discounted Cash Flow Model


Valuing a business can often be a subjective process, and there are no hard and fast rules. When asked how to value a business, many people would probably first think of a multiple of its net profits, or perhaps it's asset (b...continue reading

Family business owners opt for sale


Owners of UK family businesses are increasingly opting to sell their business rather than pass it on to the next generation, reveals a recent study by accountants KPMG. The firm surveyed 100 medium-sized UK family and owner-mana...continue reading

Private Equity Debt at Record Levels


Private equity groups are getting into increasing levels of debt when buying new companies, according to a warning from credit rating agency Standard and Poor's. Leverage multiples, which show the relationship between a comp...continue reading

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