Distressed Businesses

Residential care activities insolvencies up 23 per cent


Some interesting analysis on the residential care home market has been carried out by FRP Advisory. Running against a general cross-industry trend of declining corporate insolvencies, the care home sector has been going through ...continue reading

How to build a distressed business portfolio - tips from the experts who have done it


Buying and profiting from distressed businesses can be a viable growth option. Firstly, you need a strategy for identifying the right business, and then to make sure you have the expertise on hand to turn it around. After that, yo...continue reading

A guide to buying assets from insolvent companies


Unfortunately, there will always be companies that fail to succeed and are closed down. The assets left behind, like equipment, machinery and property, are left for the licensed insolvency practitioner (IP) or liquidator to sell o...continue reading

Who gets paid first when a company enters administration?


When a company is forced into administration there is a long list of people waiting in line for their payment before things can be fully wound up and laid to rest; it's a stressful set of procedures. Equally stressful is wai...continue reading

What you need to know about winding-up petitions


For business buyers, the land of distressed opportunities can be a happy hunting ground, filled with great-value deals and easy-to-acquire assets. But distressed businesses can also attract rival bidders, which is why keeping a cl...continue reading

Getting a head start on competitors when buying a business in administration


It didn’t take long for the wheels to kick into motion following City Link’s slide into administration two weeks ago as today (6 January) the news broke that a buyer has been found for the company. The parcel delivery...continue reading

Dissecting opportunities from distressed retail businesses


The retail industry has arguably been one of the worst hit sectors by the global recession that has gripped the last six years. Essentially there has been an attack on two fronts; on the one hand the economic downturn has curtail...continue reading

Distressed businesses update


Although business insolvencies in the UK have fluctuated dramatically in recent years across sectors and geographic regions, what is becoming increasingly evident is that the usual spike in company failures that follows a recessio...continue reading

Competition heats up for distressed sale opportunities


Access to distressed businesses and their assets has been one of the few things helping those who were smart enough to not just maintain but grow a business in the turbulent economic climate that has persisted since the 2008 reces...continue reading

How to turnaround a failing business in four steps


Don Bailey, the owner of a specialist components manufacturing business in Buckinghamshire approached his bank for a loan in January 2011. The company already had an overdraft facility, but this was steadily heading up towards its...continue reading

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